CCW hosts Sangre & Queso World Premiere

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Last month, area student filmmakers, premiered their film Sangre & Queso to friends and family.  CCW was happy to be the host venue for the students.  The students took advantage of our space, projector and screen to showcase their Grind House style 30 minute film.   Here are a few photos of the evening.



CCW welcomes start ups!

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You don’t have to be an individual freelancer to enjoy the great space CCW has to offer.  The Midland Film Institute (MFI), a start-up arts organization, calls CCW home and world headquarters!  As a start-up, funds are pretty tight, but being a member of CCW costs are streamlined, located minutes from downtown, have access to conference rooms, wifi, creative “coworkers” and really good coffee (which we all know is the nectar of life!).

CCW has a start up membership rate of only $450 per month for up to 4 of your people.  You don’t have to worry the added costs of utilities and wifi – they are all included in your rent.  Need extra space to woo that angel investor, but don’t want to interrupt the other members, no problem!  CCW has a couple of conference rooms which can accommodate groups of up to 8 to 10 people.  CCW has off street parking for members and metered parking in front where 4 quarters will buy 2 hours!

When you and your crew have a snack attack, CCW is across the street from ZZ Pizza, walking distance from Parkside Cafe, a mom and pop diner.

For questions about having your start up world headquarters at CCW, drop me a line at



March Lunch & Learn: Brain Food and Office Yoga

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The March Lunch & Learn will feature Charlie Levine, founder & owner of 513Fit.  Brain Food and Office Yoga! Charlie is a certified trainer who loves helping people become physically fit through proper nutrition and exercise. Charlie will share with us tips and tricks to keep our brains functioning all day long with proper brain snacks and stretching to keep us limber.

Read more about Charlie and his fitness philosophy at

The March Lunch & Learn is Thursday, March 8 from 11:30 AM to 1:PM.  Space is limited!  To secure your spot, RSVP at


Lorain Pettit, CPA, talks taxes at CCW's Lunch & Learn

Before signing off, we would loved to say THANK YOU to Lorain Pettit, CPA, who presented a wealth of information to help us navigate through our taxes.

23 Ways Coworking Will Change Your Career (and Your Life) for the Better

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I’m a writer and when I tell people I rent office space, I can tell they’re often thinking, “what a waste of money.” I mean, sure, I could work at home and save a little cash. We have an extra room with a door and everything. But, honestly, there are so many benefits to my coworking membership that I wouldn’t give it up any sooner than my iPhone.

Here are just a few of the ways coworking can change your life and career:

1. You’ll get twice as much work done at your new co-working desk than you did at home. Really and truly. It’s reverse peer pressure or something.

2. That side project you’re trying to launch? Now you work side-by-side with a bunch of writers, designers, developers and video people who can help you make it happen.

3. Your client needs a big website? But you can only handle part of the project? See number two. Now you can assemble a team to meet those needs in a flash. Or earn some brownie points with a referral.

4. Avoid elderly shut-in syndrome. Seriously, there’s magic just to getting out of the house and talking with real people. Your cat has already heard ALL your best stories.

5. Keep work from bleeding into every corner of your personal life. It’s easier to create a healthy work/life balance when “leaving it at the office” doesn’t refer to the spare bedroom.

6. You’ll effortlessly keep up with all the latest Internet memes. Like this one. Or maybe this one. And I’ll go ahead and throw in a totally self-serving link.

7. It solves annoying business problems. After whining about bookkeeping, my office mates introduced me to a wondrous thing known as Fresh Books.

8. You’ll build and expand your professional network. Even when you’re too busy to make it to that Meetup/event/cocktail thing-y that you didn’t really want to go to anyway.

9. Your grandma will start to think you have a real job. Maybe your mom, too. It’s something about going to an office that impresses the older relatives.

10. Have you looked at your tax bill yet? Your co-working membership is one more awesome thing to decrease your taxable income.

11. Creative energy is contagious. Being around other people working on awesome projects makes you more excited about your awesome projects.

12. If you’re a parent with kids at home, I hear it’s delightful to work in an adults-only space. No crying or tantrums or impromptu Candyland games (well, most of the time).

13. You’ll have people to bounce ideas off in real time. Not sure if that headline is too nutty? Or need advice on a client issue? Ask your desk neighbor.

14. There’s almost always beer and wine in the fridge. And no one cares if you break it out at, say, 3:30 on a Friday afternoon.

15. Wow, you now have two conference rooms at your disposal for client meetings. Or just to take a private phone call. Aren’t you fancy?

16. When you do decide to go to a Meetup/event/cocktail thing-y to network, you won’t have to go far. We host a bunch of them right here in the space.

17. Want to hold an event for you own industry or professional group? Your membership gives you 24/7 access to the space, and you can hold those events here for free.

18. Umm, sunshine=happiness. And we work in an awesome light-filled loft in a historic building. We’re even convinced there might be a secrete passageway somewhere.

19. You’ll sound (and be smarter) in all those client meetings. It’s easier to keep up with what’s going on in the business and tech worlds when you have office mates.

20. You can still work at home when you feel like it. I do it a couple days a week. A coworking membership doesn’t cost all that much, so you don’t have to feel bad about not going every day.

21. You’ll have real-life co-workers again, but no boss. Or weird corporate rules about what you can put on your desk. It’s the best of both worlds.

22. We know all the awesome lunch spots. And want you to come with us. Just be prepared to hear about the latest Internet meme (see # 6).

23. Co-workers are better than a personal cheerleading squad. They want your business—and your most offbeat side projects—to be smashing successes.

Did you make it all the way to the end of this post? You should definitely set up a time to drop in and work with us. We’re even better in person.

Death and Taxes Mental Stimulants in Rhyme

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OK…well, sans death and Ms. Dorothy Parker, but our next Lunch and Learn will cover the mental stimulants of TAXES.

Lorain Pettit, CPA will present the ins and outs of taxes for freelancers.    Lorain’s accounting experience comes from both public accounting and industry.  She has over 11 years experience working for both local (Barnes, Dennig and Co., Ltd) and national (BKD, LLP) CPA firms.  Prior to her public accounting experience she was the controller for a number of local well known businesses.  Companies she has worked with include restaurants, real estate development and management, construction, wholesale/ distribution and not for profit organizations.  She consistently provides timely accurate responses to the needs of her clients.  Lorain has represented clients through the examination process with Internal Revenue Service.

Thursday, Feb. 9 from 11:30 to 1:00

Please RSVP: